Your daily rashiphal for 9th August 2014

Your daily rashiphal for 9th August 2014

Your daily rashiphal for 9th August 2014. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Stars are favourable, financial problems solved, high spirits, family comfort, good health, officer’s cooperation, and honour and prestige.
Do’s: Go for auspices.
Dont’s: Don’t invest in shares and betting.

Taurus: Time is moderate, congenial relation with peers, change in working style will prove beneficial, success, shoulder family and social liabilities.
Do’s: Be patient.
Dont’s: Don’t act over smart.

Gemini : Stars are adverse, near and dear ones will harm you, obstacles in the way of auspices, avoid transactions, troublesome journey and focus on health. .
Do’s: Be honest.
Dont’s: Don’t be angry and jealous.

Cancer : Time is good, peers cooperation, social honour and prestige, peers cooperation, lack of money and encouragement for auspices.
Do’s: Avoid transactions.
Dont’s: Don’t be unstable.

Leo : Time is favourable, problems solved, beneficial situation at work place, high professional activity, financial gains, comfort and luxury
Do’s: Finish off planned jobs.
Dont’s: Don’t evoke enemies.

Virgo :  Time is moderate, no benefits at work, success in handicraft and astrology, honour and prestige, long trips as per desire, family cooperation and happiness.
Do’s: Go foe religious and social jobs.
Dont’s: Don’t spoil relation with senior officials.

Libra: Time is adverse, obstacles and hurdles, conflicts with partition issues, be patient, and cautious while driving.
Do’s: Be sincere with liabilities.
Dont’s: Don’t make change of place.

Scorpio : Time is auspicious, pending jobs solved, monetary gains, relief from disputes family bliss, merry trips and recreation, good health and happiness.
Do’s: Buy desired articles.
Don’t: Don’t be friendly with strangers.

Sagittarius : Time is auspicious, pending jobs solved, monetary gains, relief fro disputes,
Do’s: Be focused on work.
Don’t: Don’t be extravagant.

Capricorn: Time is good, with good health, gains and growth, pending jobs cleared, friends and peers cooperation, with auspices in family.
Do’s: Buy private property.
Don’t: Don’t drive rashly.

Aquarius: Time is unfavourable, stress and conflicts, work will not be on track, quarrel and conflict in business, keep family congenial, avoid conflicts to ward off problems, travel will lead to troubles.
Do’s: Keep family intact.
Don’t: Don’t g o for written pacts.

Pisces : Time is favourable, planned jobs will work, growth opportunities to job persons, gains in import and export, good health and happiness.
Do’s: Be congenial with peers.
Don’t: Don’t ravel unnecessarily.

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