Your daily rashiphal for 8th July 2014

Your daily rashiphal for 8th July 2014

Your daily rashiphal for 8th July 2014. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Favourable time frame, unemployed will find job, gains from new ventures, friends and peers cooperation, marital bliss with enjoyment and merry trips.

Taurus: Stars are auspicious; peer’s cooperation, wisdom and hard work, all plans successful, growth of profession, good health, and work efficiency.

Gemini : Stars are moderate, self efforts will help to freedom from dilemmas, favourable assurances, happiness peers cooperation, debt related problems and favourable trips.

Cancer : Time is favourable, new plans regarding profession, financial gains, happiness, honour and prestige, with comfort and means.

Leo : Stars are auspicious, professional growth, support from high officials, success in important jobs and meetings, new plans will succeed monetary gains, and inclination towards merriment.

Virgo : Time is moderate, slow pace of work in spite of hard work, good family relationship. Be alert in health issues.

Libra: Time is auspicious, friends cooperation, unemployment will make you worry; go for your duty, and happy journey.

Scorpio : Time is not favourable, work related problems, obstacles in income sources, government jobs done, lack of peers cooperation, and bad news, injury etc.

Sagittarius : Time is favourable, spoilt work will be on track, money with courage and valour, all round success, gain out of social contacts, family liabilities and good news.

Capricorn: Stars are favourable, political and professional mileage, courage and valour, parents love and affection with support will bring happiness.

Aquarius: With moderate time, friends and peers help and support, good finances, comfort and luxury, job growth, inland and overseas deals, good news from family.

Pisces : Adverse time frame, hard work, with less benefits, your own people will harm you, obstacles in the way of auspices, avoid monetary transactions, trouble in journey good travels and focus on health.

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