Your Daily Rashiphal for 6th July 2014

Your Daily Rashiphal for 6th July 2014

Your daily rashiphal for 6th July 2014. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Favourable time frame, at jobs and profession, income sources, monetary gains, relief from debt and disease, obstacles and problems solved.

TaurusStars are moderate; luck will favour all round success, high spirits, friends and peers cooperation, comfort and luxury, domestic and social opportunities.

Gemini : Stars are not favourable, loss in land and property deals, obstacles at work, financial loss, lack of peer’s cooperation, mental stress and depletion of health.

Cancer : Time is favourable, new plans regarding profession, financial gains, happiness, honour and prestige, with comfort and means.

Leo : Stars are moderate, desires fulfilled, hard work needed, be patient, and children education will cause worries and successful holy trips. 

Virgo : Time is auspicious, honour and prestige, success with change of opinion, marital bliss, and good news from inland and overseas with gains.

Libra: Time is not auspicious, depletion of health, medical expenses, monetary loss prestige issues don’t encourage family quarrel and avoid travel and trips.

Scorpio : Time is favourable, relief from obstacles and problems, gains and comfort, family responsibilities, happy and gainful journey.

Sagittarius : Time is favourable, new means and cooperation, mental and physical stress, family cooperation, contentment and successful trips.

CapricornStars are moderate, be patient at work place, social prestige and honour, improvement in family relationship, meet your liabilities, and moderate income.

AquariusWith unfavourable time, be cautious with new ventures or loss might occur, postpone important negotiations, be patient high expenses and depletion of health.

Pisces : Good time frame, marital bliss,  recreation and merriment, cooperation from in-laws, with honour and prestige.

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