Your daily rashiphal for 29th June 2014!

Your daily rashiphal for 29th June 2014!

Your daily rashiphal for 29th June 2014. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Time is not auspicious, hidden diseases and enemies will cause problems, some family member’s health will cause problems, professional obstacles financial troubles and be cautious while driving and travelling.

TaurusStars are favourable, work related expansion programmes, special gain in deals and investments, expenses on maintenance and routine issues,   presents and gifts with travel opportunities.

Gemini : Stars are moderate, normal working conditions, control expenses, interest in studies, growth and lead in education, auspices and charity, with family responsibilities well shouldered.

Cancer : Stars are auspicious, luck will favour, all round success high spirits, friends and siblings cooperation, comfort and luxury,  good opportunities with family and social works. 

Leo : With un favourable stars difficulties, enemies will try to harm you, don’t depend completely on any one, be alert with your plans, all problems will get sorted but hard work will somehow prevail. 

Virgo : With favourable stars novel changes will fetch improvement at work, auspices, good healthy monetary gains, merry trips.

LibraTime is good and favourable state and administrative jobs will bring in gains, professional and job growth, officer’s cooperation, and land and vehicle’ gains.

Scorpio :Situation will improve, family and professional problems solved, friends and peers support, moderate income, students try to study and be careful in accounts job.

Sagittarius : Time is adverse, mental and physical stress, travel related problems, and buying new machinery will lead to loss.

CapricornStars are auspices  desired success at work place, honour, family balances friend peer’s cooperation   inland and overseas tours, and desired new deals, with desired success.

Aquarius: With moderate time ponder carefully before new kick offs, maintain secrecy, opportunities to visit gatherings and conferences, success in intellectual writing and publication jobs.

Pisces : Time is moderate, work hard for success, monetary requirements will arise, stay away from others problems, be controlled in dietary issues and opportunities to study.

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