Your daily rashiphal for 28th June 2014!

Your daily rashiphal for 28th June 2014!

Your daily rashiphal for 28th June 2014. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Time auspicious, comfort and favours of luck, success, political and professional mileage, honour and prestige, some elderly will shower upon his blessings and happiness.

Taurus: Stars are not auspicious, successful professional trips, income problems solved, good news, income related problems solved, peers cooperation and happiness.

Gemini : Stars are adverse, challenges in business, work with wisdom and patience, or enemies will harm with conspiracy, coming under outsider influence will harm family affairs.

Cancer : Stars are auspicious, all professional jobs done, growth in jobs and profession, sibling’s cooperation, good news family liabilities fulfilled.

Leo : With favourable stars desired jobs done, hard work will fetch benefits authority at work financial growth, comfort will grow, happiness in family.

Virgo : With favourable stars novel changes will fetch desired gains, growth in import and export, religious and auspicious jobs done, happy journey.

Libra: Time is moderate, slowly situation will improve, and change will lead to management, contentment, gains in arts and craft.

Scorpio : Time is adverse, patience and balance is the need of the hour, high expenses, indulgence in luxury, opponents will try to harm, postpone travelling.

Sagittarius : Time is adverse, stars will shower auspices, favourable marital life, peers cooperation, unexpected monetary gains, and happiness and joy some worries from kid’s side.

Capricorn: Stars are auspices courage and valour, good health debt transactions will prove to be beneficial. Desires fulfilled, efforts will go wasted but maternal family will bring good news.

Aquarius: With moderate time ponder carefully before new kick offs, maintain secrecy, opportunities to visit gatherings and conferences, success in intellectual writing and publication jobs.

Pisces : Inauspicious time frame, your near and dear ones will try to harm you, obstacles in the way of auspices, travel will lead to trouble, take care of health family relations might turn bitter.

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