Your daily rashiphal for 19th February 2015

Your daily rashiphal for 19th February 2015

Your daily rashiphal for 19th February 2015. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Stars are  favourable,  old debt, transaction and disease problems solved, social contact and gains, money and comfort with peers welfare.
Do’s: Accept new deald and proposls
Dont’s: Don’t spoil others jobs.

Taurus: Time is auspicious, friend and cooperation success in professional issues and monetary gains, growth in jobs etc.
Do’s: Try for stuck money recovery.
Dont’s: Don’t  go for illegal jobs.

Gemini : Time is moderate, interest in social welfare jobs with regular income, kids success will bring happiness, opportunity to go to arts.
Do’s: Make family life congenial
Dont’s: Don’t start new ventures with haste.

Cancer : Time is adverse, residential problems, lack of money and paternal property partition issues, lack of support.
Do’s: Keep work related secrecy.
Dont’s: Don’t shy off hard work.

Leo : Time is auspicious, officers and authiritysupport to success your behaiviour and personality will lead to proud and applaud, comfort, coutrage, liuck will shimne with enemies defeated with their strategy.
Do’s: Take care of relatives and peers problems.
Dont’s: Don’t travel unnecessarily.

Virgo :  Stars are favourable, responsibilities  mount, success with spouse cooperation and support, auspices and happiness will prevail. lottery.
Do’s: Be good with peers.
Dont’s: Don’t    go for doubts to achieve success.

Libra: Time is  moderate, situation will improve complete religious rituals and be alert with your work and liabilities, honour and authority will see new rise but domestic sphere will make you worry.
Do’s: Try for kids success.
Dont’s: Don’t be under others influence.

Scorpio : Time is nor good,  obstacles at work with conflict and arguments with government officials., monetary loss, hidden disease and problems, enemies will harm and lack of peers support.
Do’s: Obey your father.
Don’t: Don’t travel.

Sagittarius : Time is good, problems solved, new collegus and financial gains with growth, family support with courage and valour
Do’s: Buy desired articles
Don’t: Don’t make false promises.

Capricorn: Time is  moderate and slow pace in life. There will be laziness and reluctance, difficulty to gain money, control over works. Avoid mental stress and control your diet
Do’s: Take care of health
Don’t: Family liabilities not to be ignored.

Aquarius: Time is  favourable  word place as desired, job and profession will  have officers support with monetary gain at work place. Have marital bliss
Do’s: Be congenial with government officers
Don’t: Don’t go for incandescent deals

Pisces : Time is not favourable, obstacles in rest and food, impatience and loss of health, instability , loss of money and infidelity in love relations.
Do’s: Be patient and stable.
Don’t: Don’t  be reluctance in health.

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  1. gurcharan singh

    guru ji charan vandna .

    aap kay ahsirbad say hamary garh son hoya hay.uska janam 8/8/2015 time6:00am mandsoar (m.p)may hoya hay. uska name aap rakhy .aap ki muj par kirpa hogi .

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