Your daily rashiphal for 16th February 2015

Your daily rashiphal for 16th February 2015

Your daily rashiphal for 16th February 2015. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Stars are moderate situation will improve, success in astrology telegraphy, moderate income and gains.
Do’s: Be balanced with words.
Dont’s: Don’t lend money

Taurus: Time is adverse,  luck will not favour, avoid important business transactions, disputes in family with problems in health,
Do’s: Be careful in written jobs.
Dont’s: Don’t go for new deals.

Gemini : Time is favourable , interest in merry trips, with marital bliss, friends enjoyment, plans for new ventures and monetary gains.
Do’s: Join family functions.
Dont’s: Don’t cheat your partners.

Cancer : Time is auspicious,  all pending jobs will get cleared with good news, financial gains with land and property procurements.
Do’s: Go for new professional deals.
Dont’s: Don’t careless with liabilities.

Leo : Stars are moderate  responsibilities with peers and employees support will help revived mental stress, high expenses, avoid reluctance with diet to avoid stomach ailments.
Do’s: Be careful with life partners.
Dont’s: Don’t lend debts.

Virgo :  Stars are   adverse, enemies will try to harm secretly take care of honour and prestige, trouble in travel, obstacles in profession and peers treachery.
Do’s: Be patient and stable…
Dont’s: Don’t go for allegation and counter allegation.

Libra: Time is  good  elderly advises will prove beneficial with business gains, family recreation and social regard and respect.
Do’s: Keep officers happy
Dont’s: Don’t   ignore needy persons.

Scorpio : Time is moderate with pouring in of relatives and friends, domestic problems will take extra expenses take regular routine   elderly support will lead to happiness. Normal working condition.
Do’s: Balance income and expenses.
Don’t: Don’t lend debts.

Sagittarius : Time is favourable  luck will favour, desired jobs done, contentment with livelihood means happiness and struck monetary gains. Auspices in family.
Don’t: Have courage in completion and exams

Capricorn: Time is adverse,  partnership issues will bring in losses not good time for investments, metal stress and loss with opponents will try to incur loss and damage.
Do’s: Be sincere and focus at work.
Don’t: Don’t lend money.

Aquarius: Time is favourable   domestic bliss, land property issues solved with auspicious change of place indicated, specific gains at work and name fame.
Do’s: Be congenial with peers and friends.
Don’t: Don’t run risks

Pisces : Time is  favourable,  authority at work people will get impressed and strong finances, comfort means with luxury.
Do’s: Help peers.
Don’t: Don’t  go for unnecessary arguments.

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