Your daily rashiphal for 13th March 2015

Your daily rashiphal for 13th March 2015

Your daily rashiphal for 13th March 2015. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Time is unfavorable; don’t spoil relationship with officers or work will get spoilt, change of place, adversaries all round.
Do’s: Be alert in account jobs.
Dont’s: Don’t have disputes with opponents.

Taurus: Stars are good, big leaps at work, monetary gains, relief from debt and disease, all round success, maternal family support and good health.
Do’s: Finish off pending jobs.
Dont’s: Don’t work under ego and jealousy.

Gemini : Stars are favourable, debt transaction issues solved, growth at work with money, comfort and happiness with support.
Do’s: Work with family support.
Dont’s: Don’t ignore needy.

Cancer : Stars are moderate hard work will bring relief, be patient, and have coordination with colleagues, religious and charitable inclination.
Do’s: Have favourable marital life.
Dont’s: Don’t be careless with diet.

Leo : Time is adverse, family woes, family health will cause problems, don’t waste in travel and vehicles, try for income, residential problems.
Do’s: Go for social affairs.
Dont’s: Don’t get entangled with legal affairs.

Virgo : Favourable time, subordinates will support, success in courage issues, new business deals, good relation with neighbors, a success in handicrafts.
Do’s: Support siblings.
Dont’s: Don’t travel unnecessarily.

Libra:  Time is moderate, normal work affairs sudden arrival of guest will pose problems, high expenses, and congenial family condition..
Do’s: Trust your abilities.
Dont’s: Don’t make unnecessaru partners.

Scorpio : Time is not good, siblings and friends will cooperate, high spirits, new work plans, clear ways at your hands, handicrafts will have specific encouragements, honor and prestige.
Do’s: Good health.
Don’t: Don’t be with false friends.

Sagittarius : Stars are adverse, time will not favor, avoid disputes, take control of selfish friends since these might lead to obstacles, lack of money.
Do’s: Be alert at work.
Don’t: Don’t shy off hard work.

Capricorn: Stars are auspicious, make important deals, happiness, hard work will pay, good relation with friend and peers, finances will be good with honor and prestige
Do’s: Be active in business activities.
Don’t: Don’t worry for honor and prestige.

Aquarius: Good time frame; important success money, peers support, parents will cooperate with happiness.
Do’s: Be friendly with opponents.
Don’t: Don’t leave work undone.

Pisces : Time is moderate, no big success, favourable environment, kids success, and students will succeed..
Do’s: Control your words.
Don’t: Don’t invest in lottery.

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    I want my daily rashifal update.
    My name is Umesh Kumar,
    I don’t know my date of birth.
    Kindly tell me about my future.


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