Taurus – Personality, Luck, Love & Romance

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Being a fixed and earthy sign, Taurus natives are patient and have stable nature. They have the capacity to hold themselves despite of provocation. But after they loose temper it becomes difficult to handle them (like a bull). The person of this sign possesses charming physique with a medium height, have sparkling teeth, fair complexion, attractive face and beautiful eyes. This rashi comprises of the later three charans of Krittika, complete Rohini and the first two charans of Mrigshira Nakshatras.

They may carry their annoyance with others for years. As the quadrants have fixed signs, they are slow but steady in their work They do not waste their time in non productive activities and would rather prefer to relax when they are free. As Mercury rules their second and fifth house, they have high level of intellect and their words are impressive. They think twice before uttering a word as ascendant lord Venus is also a planet with high intellect. As Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, significator of wealth, Taurus natives are very smart in managing their funds. They have strong inclination towards money matters. They love to eat good quality food and you may see them visiting one of the best restaurants of the town for having their lunch or dinner. They like to wear best clothing and fond of luxuries.

They believe in religion and run their family with noble principles. They love travel and have aptitude for purchase and selection of things. They have good power of digestion. They are prone to cold, cough and diseases. They seldom fall sick. They have worry free nature. They feel happy in every situation to which they adapt themselves easily.


Due to their hard working quality Aries persons hold strong potential to raise their economic status. Possess earnest desire to earn and save wealth. Undergo lot of journeys in order to earn money. Less bothered of spending money but like to spend on valid thing. Mostly run a business of beauty cosmetics or articles used for decoration. Dislike spending money on waste items. Aries persons mostly pursue career in army force, navy force or govt job. Very efficient in monitoring and administrating things. Can be very good social worker. Also possess good qualities of acting. Can become a popular singer or actor. In first phase of their life they opt for job. Between age period 35yrs. and 46yrs their financial position becomes very strong and sturdy. Earn maximum sources of income during this period. Third phase of life passes in jollity. Due to pleasing personality they have elaborated social affiliations. Get plentiful support from society. Possess infinite knowledge. Well efficient to explore deep into the matter. This is the reason natives of Taurus sign succeed in establishing their position in society as renowned dictator, philosopher, researcher, Being devoid of worldly desires sometimes they turn ascetic also. Apart from this they earn high name and position in business of gems, film production, dairy products, as sales tax officer, tailor or painter.


Advent of youth is noticed early in Taureans. Due to ruling planet Venus, the symbol of love and romance they are sentimental and emotional. They are loyal and form relationship after analyzing deep. Fully committed to social duties. They keep a goal in life to sacrifice for others.

They are fully committed to their spouse and also expect their spouse to respect their feelings and emotions. If they don’t meet so, get disappointed soon.

Taurus wife will be very religious, warm, passionate, idealistic and susceptible to sentiments, scrupulously faithful, loyal and devoted. Committed to her husband till the end. If Venus and Rahu are posited together in third house then there are chances for extramarital affairs. If venus is posited with moon in fourth house then native has two marriages or will have extramarital affairs. All over married life is prosperous. Taurus persons refrain from being demonstrating and proving their love outwardly.

They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex but not aggressively. They dislike deception and betrayal by other front. Taurus female is fully devoted and committed to her family, Practical and adjustable in family, separation or breaking of relationship is out of question.


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