Rashi – Zodiacal Signs in Hindu Astrology

Rashi – Zodiacal Signs in Hindu Astrology

In the Maharishi Jyotish program, the whole universe is seen in the form of a person. The body of the universe consists of the 12 Rashis, which can be roughly translated as “astrological signs.” Each Rashi represents a part of the body.

The Nirayana, or sidereal zodiac, is an imaginary belt of 360 degrees, which, like the Sāyana, or tropical zodiac, is divided into 12 equal parts. Each twelfth part (of 30 degrees) is called a sign or Rashi. There are total of 12 Rashis in Jyotish:

NumberSanskritWestern nameTattva (Element)QualityRuling Planet
1मेषAriesTejas (Fire)Cara (Movable)Mars
2वृषभTaurusPrithivi (Earth)Sthira (Fixed)Venus
3मिथुनGeminiVayu (Air)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Mercury
4कर्कटCancerJala (Water)Cara (Movable)Moon
5सिंहLeoTejas (Fire)Sthira (Fixed)Sun
6कन्याVirgoPrithivi (Earth)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Mercury
7तुलाLibraVayu (Air)Cara (Movable)Venus
8वृश्चिकScorpioJala (Water)Sthira (Fixed)Mars
9धनुषSagittariusTejas (Fire)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Jupiter
10मकरCapricornPrithivi (Earth)Cara (Movable)Saturn
11कुम्भAquariusVayu (Air)Sthira (Fixed)Saturn
12मीनPiscesJala (Water)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Jupiter

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