Monthly Rashiphal Online – February 2014 Rashiphal | Shanidham

Monthly Rashiphal Online – February 2014 Rashiphal | Shanidham

Read your monthly Rashiphal for the month of February and year 2014. Select your Rashi/Zodiac Sign and get know what is stored for you.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Aries / Mesh Rashi:

The beginning of the month is not favourable for Aries people, the last month’s problems will stay as it is, but the master of the house mars is moving in sixth house of Virgo this will lead to a little respite, mid of the month will make you free from problems and will give you a new kick start. This month your financial problems will get shorted, good profit in business and profession, income swill keep you busy, and this work will pay you in long run, keep trying all is well in future. Value your family relationships,

For persons in this month is normal, nothing special seems in near future and let this time period slip off peacefully.   

Youths will find this month with opportunities for wedding bells, children and good fortune. Your children marriages are indicated too.  

Students will find themselves surrounded with hardships need to work very hard in studies you find shortage of some means and facilities and need to take care of parent’s advices and abide them.

 Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Offer dresses money and gifts to brother in laws, son in laws and grandson.
  • Offer blanket to temples.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Taurus / Makar Rashi:

This month comes up with normal to good results. Success is all yours but you and all pending jobs cleared, relief from mental tensions, with gradual success, family and friends cooperation, finances will improve, health worries will sublime, just keep trying, new plans and changes made in profession should be implemented in the last week of this month, start new ventures but go forward with proper planning because your peers and friends might not be able to cooperate with you this month.  

Job holders will find this month fine, with all-round cooperation, some lingering problems solved and holy trips are possible.

Youth will find this time suitable for a slow pace, don’t start new ventures, or make it during last 10 days. Make job changes near the end of this month and success in marriages and engagements is possible. 

 Students will find this month with good results, success will follow you   put your efforts. Auspices in studies.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Don’t get indulged with immoral acts and be sincere and true to your spouse.
  • Offer Jasmine flowers on Shivalingam daily.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Gemini / Mithun Rashi:

The Month of February is fine for Gemini Sign people, gradually all problems solved, success is slow hard work and lesser success is foreseen, focus on your works, make your official decisions all by yourself. Good opportunities to travel, but hurdles foreseen so if not necessary don’t travel, don’t stay away from office for longer durations, keep eye on health, and drive cautiously, mid of month is indicating health woes for parents so take care of fathers health.

Job holders will lack cooperation from officers, make congenial relations in office and take care of your job and colleagues,  keep eye on health, and drive cautiously, holy trips is a possibility.

Youths will find this time good but don’t go for new ventures, success is not on your side, health and finances are also showing weak tendencies , avoid extravagancy, and marriage relate matters will not succeed, avoid tensions chances of vehicle accidents.     

 Students need to work harder for success in education, but efforts will be answered with less success.

 Following Dates are:

 1,3, 10, 20, 21,23,26  and 28th February is auspicious for success.

8,9, 17, 19th and 25th February  needs to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month place 400gm jaggary in running water.
  • Keep Gangajalam in Brass vessels.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Cancer / Kark Rashi:

Cancerians will find the beginning of this month  auspicious and favourable, success with efforts in jobs, carelessness will cost you dearly, be careful in all spheres, no financial harms, but benefit demands hard work. If you are going for changes in profession then be careful nobody will help you out. In not necessary avoid long trips during last days of month and be careful for belongings while travelling, don’t lend money, disputes and conflicts possible, keep dietary control and health would be moderate.

Job holder will find this time good, develop good relation with friends and colleagues, don’t be careless or you will have to pay dearly, avoid stress and lesser chances of success in specific jobs.

Youths will find this month good, effort will make all success don’t be careless,  be secretive in most issues. Students will lack interest in studies. Students pay attention to your studies for success. You need to concentrate on studies.

Following Dates are:

4, 8, 14, 19th February is auspicious for success.

1, 11, 21st  February  needs to be cautious and alert.

 Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month offer Ardhyam to Lord Sun and give wheat to lepers.
  • Daily have jaggery and drink water before leaving for work.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Leo / Sinh Rashi:

For Leo sign persons February month is fabulous, Saturn and Rahu in third house will shower auspices to profession and income sources will grow and struck money will be recovered, enemies will get defeated, honour and prestige, income sources will grow, good finances, domestic problems will be a little disturbing at home front, be alert, let not this situation harm you, be supportive towards kids, this month you need to be careful towards- constipation, gastric, skin disease, jaundice etc, avoid quacks. 

Promotions in jobs, desired transfers and favourable time for job holders. Boss would be happy with you and marital bliss.  

Youth will find this time good for jobs and business take advantage of favourable time, peace at home and marriages etc will find success. Students will find this time good for success in studies  

Following Dates are:

1, 9, 12, 18, 28th February is auspicious for success.

3, 4,13,14,24,26th   February needs to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month daily chant Om Gram Grim Grom Saha Vrihaspati Namaha”.
  • Keep milk or water while leaving offer work.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Virgo / Kanya Rashi:

For Virgo sign persons February month is with moderate results but not with very good results, your problems will remain as it was earlier, be patient, and keep trying take care of health, avoid accidents, this month’s mid onwards will bring some respite, whole month is not inauspicious, try to keep yourself safe from malaria and dengue, high expenses so avoid debts etc. Stay away from conflicts and disputes, in spite of all problems you will have streamlined income, family support and problems solved

Job holders will find this month moderate but needs to me alert, family cooperation would be less, take care for health, be alert in partnerships, not a good time for marriages and other auspices, time would be good after 20th February so be patient and have courage.

Youth will find this month with hardships to achieve success, be careful will lack support from family and friends, female friend might lead to problems and conflicts. Be alert from selfish friends, 20thFebruary onwards desired results, pending jobs completed troubles sorted and peers help and support.

Students will gain success only with very hard work, in studies; carelessness will cost dearly, shortage of means and financial strain.

Following Dates are:

1, 8, 9, 19,21, 27th  February  is  auspicious for success.

4, 6, 7, 17,25, 26th  February  needs to be cautious and alert.

 Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month chant three rosaries of Vishnu Gayatri Mantra daily.
  • Take milk in wooden pot and bury in some lonely place.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Libra / Tula Rashi:


For Librans February comes up with normal results, growth in profession, financially sound, but not good in medical and health issues, business will need efforts to gain success this month will keep you quite busy,  so avoid travelling, many chances to travel up to mid of this month and but be very careful while travelling, less profits and bigger losses. Lack of desired situation will lead to mental stress children will cause problems take care of your health and drive cautiously accidents might occur.    

Persons in job will find this month normal, but career related problems will bother, minimal income, and be soft and careful in family relationships.

This month is not indicating with good results in studies, health and other problems.

Following Dates are:

5,10,16,20, and 21st February is auspicious for success.

3, 4, 17, 19, 32 and 24th February needs to be cautious and alert. 

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month   after daily rituals light ghee deepak at Puja place and chant Shree Durga Kawacham.
  • Daily give green fodder to cattle.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Scorpio / Vrishchik Rashi:


For Scorpio sign people February comes up with favours and auspices, hurdles, problems and mental stress resolved, new plans and growth in business with profits, profession under your control, finances strong, struck money relieved, freedom from unnecessary expenses, family conditions favourable. Health would be fine this month, small seasonal ailments might bother you, desired professional trips and success with profits, opportunities to make important works done with marital bliss, marriage related all things well settled, but 17th February onwards you need to take care of life partner’s feelings. Be careful in family relationships.

For job holders this month is good, all round success, all career problems resolved, and pending issues cleared.

Youth will find this month laden with success all career related problems will prove favourable, pending jobs solved.

This month is good for students, success in all study related matters.

Following Dates are:

 3,4,7, 16,17, 19,24th  February is auspicious for success.

2, 10,12,20, 21, 28th  February needs to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Daily offer Ardhyam to lord Sun and chant the mantra –“Om Bum Buddhaya Namaha”.
  • On Tuesdays offer raw milk to young girls.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi:


For Sagittarius sign people month of February brings gradual growth in problems in professional spheres, you need to be utmost alert, do not start new ventures and new changes. Maintain status quo. Control expenses, since unnecessary expenses will grow, problems at domestic front, moderate health, vehicle accidents, be alert from enemies, they might harm you, health related problems, take care of food and rest, and avoid long trips if possible.       

Job holders will find many problems and hurdles in the beginning of this month, monetary problems and adverse transfer placements, financial transaction issues might get struck, honour and prestige issues, be careful this month. 

Youths will find this month laden with auspices, in spite of hard works desired success would be a far cry. Moderate health.

Students will find this period with moderate results, focus on studies, hard work will bring success, obey your parents.

Following Dates are:

1,5,8,9, and 23rd February is auspicious for success.

4,13,14,21st  February need to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month keep your promises.
  • Offer last ritual to unclaimed bodies.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Capricorn / Makar Rashi:


This whole month will give success after hard work and good efforts, try to be alert in professional issues, don’t make new changes, maintain status quo, don’t plans for future since very high expenses will bother you. Mental stress will lead to moderate health, lack of marital comfort and bliss. Disputes will engulf you, and will hamper peace chances for abroad trips but try to avoid long trips, take decisions carefully with wisdom, financial problems will grow.      

Adverse time for job holders no respite from adversaries, officers will hardly cooperate and might have to handle additional charges, transfers and associated mental stress. Try to have good environment at work place.    

Youth will have disappointments, tough success, lack of cooperation, be patient. Financial problems and associated hurdles don’t make job changes this month, since you will hardly find desired work place and environment. And don’t go for marriage related issues.

Students need to focus and work very hard on studies . success is meagre hence very hard work is needed.

Following Dates are:

4, 8, 9, 17,21, 23, and 28th  February is auspicious for success.

5, 7,15,24, and 26th  February need to be cautious and alert. 

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month offer oil Abhishekam and Charan Sparsh to Lord Shani.      And don’t cheat others.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Aquarius / Kumbh Rashi:


This month will bring start of this month auspicious with pending jobs cleared, resolving of professional and domestic problems, good rests of efforts will start emerging, marital bliss, comfort, money and loss of expenses,  spoilt works will start getting streamlined, desired changes, comfort and luxury, recreation, religious inclination, but over confidence in the last days of this month will lead to domestic tensions and investment in disputed properties will led to big losses.

Job holders will find this time with bounties of success and gains, officer’s cooperation, promotions, honesty will get paid, and desired additional charges are foreseen.

Youth will have desired success, long awaited expectations fulfilled, desired career, marital problems solved and auspicious time for starting new ventures.

Students need to focus on studies and work hard and be very careful. Go for serious studies and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Following Dates are:

2,6,10,15,24,and 26th  February  is auspicious for success.

4, 17,19 and 23rd  February need to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Make 108 balls from black gram flour and feed fishes daily.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Aquarius / Kumbh Rashi:


For Pisces sign people start of this month  February brings inauspicious results hence your profession and   job need special attention, moderate health, vehicle accidents, are possible so be alert don’t start new venture during this time and avoid disputes.  

Situations will start improving from 15th February onwards recreation and professional expansion, religious inclination, all government jobs done, time spent with friends and family, success from all efforts honour and prestige, but take care of family relations.

Be careful from 6th to 15th February, stay away from unnecessary comments, don’t go for anti government works, work hard for success, this time needs to be cautious. But all problems resolved after 15th February.

Youth will face financial problems up to 15th February which might lead to frustrations, don’t go for long trips, should, time not good for marriages and engagements so try to postpone them. 15thFebruary onwards your all your desired works will get completed.

Students will find this month auspicious but focus on studies and work hard.

Following Dates are:

3,4,13,14, and 21st February  is auspicious for success.

1, 5, 8, 9, 23rd   February  need to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Offer Ardhyam to Lord Sun and put on Saffron tilakam.
  • Daily touch parents feet and seek blessings.


* Please note that prediction are purely based on astrological calculations. Reader is responsible for reading and using it for self.

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