December Rashiphal for Taurus

December Rashiphal for Taurus

People with this sign will find this month normal, good from financial point but health would not be good this month, hard work and extra effort will fetch benefits from business. This month will keep you on heel with harassment and trips. So travel only if necessary. Till the mid of month frequent travelling opportunities but look before you leap since losses are frequent, delay in marriages of marriages etc.  Desired situation is a far cry hence mental stress, children will cause worries, keep control of your own health, drive cautiously since accidents might be a possibility.  .

Job holders will find this month moderate, moderate health, youth will find this month with normal results, all your jobs will yield little benefits from huge efforts but don’t give up to frustration..

Youth will find this month with mixed results, career related problems will get sorted and your needs and liabilities will be met with. Family relations might cause problems, be careful.

Students will not find this month good with obstacles in education heath issues and other problems might arise.. 

Remedies for Profession, Career and Domestic problems:

  1. This month daily offer  seven recitals of Shree Durga Kavacham befor Mother’s idol after lighting ghee deepak ”.
  2. Give green fodder to cows with your own hands.

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