December Rashiphal for Aries

December Rashiphal for Aries

This month comes with auspicious and favourable results, with all round success, relief from unnecessary obstacles, and mental stress, plans for new ventures, growth and profits from business. Profession totally under your control with strong finances, recovery of struck money, relief from unnecessary expenses with strengthening of all domestic and family situation.

 This month is good from health point of view. Apart from seasonal ailments all is fine. Desired business trips seems possible with profits and success. Go for all important jobs, marital bliss, marriage and engagement related issues will succeed. From 17th December onwards take care of your life partners’ wishes and views, take care of family relations and be cautious in these issues.

Persons in jobs will find this month good and auspicious, you will delve in comfort, make and develop congenial relationships, all career related problems resolved and means of income at your hands.

Youths will find this month laden with success, you will find all round success in job, profession, education etc. All changes made in career will prove favourable. All pending issues solved.

Students will find this month auspicious, success in studies.

Remedies for Profession, Career and Domestic problems:

1. This month daily offer Jalam to Lord Sun and chantthree rosaries of  the mantra –“Om Boum Buddhaya Namaha ” while sitting in its vicinity.

2.  Offer  raw milk to young girls on Tuesdays..

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