Daily Rashiphal for 26th June 2014

Daily Rashiphal for 26th June 2014

Your daily rashiphal for 26th June 2014. Do leave your comments.

Aries :  Time is moderate, no specific success, try to modulate situation, and try for kids success, students will gain success.

TaurusStars are not auspicious, successful professional trips, income problems solved, good news, income related problems solved, peers cooperation and happiness.

Gemini : Stars are not auspices, loss of money, honour and prestige issues, obstacles at work, disputes, difference of opinion, adversaries in marital life, and obstacles in income sources.

Cancer : Stars are auspicious, all professional jobs done, growth in jobs and profession, sibling’s cooperation, good news family liabilities fulfilled.

Leo : With favourable stars luck will favour, peers cooperation, high spirits, self efforts will help work done on time, officers in favour and honour and prestige.

Virgo : With moderate need to be alert in profession for success, family liabilities, high expenses, avoid short sightedness in investments, be patient.   

Libra: Time is not auspicious mismanagement at workplace, mental stress, peers and employees non cooperation, wastage of money, family members health will cause problems.

Scorpio : Time would be favourable and auspicious, family and charitable domain success, officer’s cooperation to success, gifts and inland and overseas trips.

Sagittarius : Time is auspicious, success in shares and betting, material gains, professional support from high official cooperation.

Capricorn: Stars are moderate, avoid ignoring elderly advices, don’t be careless in personal routine jobs, eye ailments, and normal working condition, and don’t have high expectations.

Aquarius: With unfavourable time avoid desired jobs, friends and peers will act selfish, study situation and be patient, avoid arguments and dietary negligence.

Pisces : Auspicious time frame, success in desired jobs, peers cooperation, professional transactions will bring profits, material gain.

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