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Posted by Shanidham - February 18th, 2014

Read your monthly Rashiphal for the month of February and year 2014. Select your Rashi/Zodiac Sign and get know what is stored for you.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Aries / Mesh Rashi:

The beginning of the month is not favourable for Aries people, the last month’s problems will stay as it is, but the master of the house mars is moving in sixth house of Virgo this will lead to a little respite, mid of the month will make you free from problems and will give you a new kick start. This month your financial problems will get shorted, good profit in business and profession, income swill keep you busy, and this work will pay you in long run, keep trying all is well in future. Value your family relationships,

For persons in this month is normal, nothing special seems in near future and let this time period slip off peacefully.   

Youths will find this month with opportunities for wedding bells, children and good fortune. Your children marriages are indicated too.  

Students will find themselves surrounded with hardships need to work very hard in studies you find shortage of some means and facilities and need to take care of parent’s advices and abide them.

 Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Offer dresses money and gifts to brother in laws, son in laws and grandson.
  • Offer blanket to temples.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Taurus / Makar Rashi:

This month comes up with normal to good results. Success is all yours but you and all pending jobs cleared, relief from mental tensions, with gradual success, family and friends cooperation, finances will improve, health worries will sublime, just keep trying, new plans and changes made in profession should be implemented in the last week of this month, start new ventures but go forward with proper planning because your peers and friends might not be able to cooperate with you this month.  

Job holders will find this month fine, with all-round cooperation, some lingering problems solved and holy trips are possible.

Youth will find this time suitable for a slow pace, don’t start new ventures, or make it during last 10 days. Make job changes near the end of this month and success in marriages and engagements is possible. 

 Students will find this month with good results, success will follow you   put your efforts. Auspices in studies.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Don’t get indulged with immoral acts and be sincere and true to your spouse.
  • Offer Jasmine flowers on Shivalingam daily.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Gemini / Mithun Rashi:

The Month of February is fine for Gemini Sign people, gradually all problems solved, success is slow hard work and lesser success is foreseen, focus on your works, make your official decisions all by yourself. Good opportunities to travel, but hurdles foreseen so if not necessary don’t travel, don’t stay away from office for longer durations, keep eye on health, and drive cautiously, mid of month is indicating health woes for parents so take care of fathers health.

Job holders will lack cooperation from officers, make congenial relations in office and take care of your job and colleagues,  keep eye on health, and drive cautiously, holy trips is a possibility.

Youths will find this time good but don’t go for new ventures, success is not on your side, health and finances are also showing weak tendencies , avoid extravagancy, and marriage relate matters will not succeed, avoid tensions chances of vehicle accidents.     

 Students need to work harder for success in education, but efforts will be answered with less success.

 Following Dates are:

 1,3, 10, 20, 21,23,26  and 28th February is auspicious for success.

8,9, 17, 19th and 25th February  needs to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month place 400gm jaggary in running water.
  • Keep Gangajalam in Brass vessels.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Cancer / Kark Rashi:

Cancerians will find the beginning of this month  auspicious and favourable, success with efforts in jobs, carelessness will cost you dearly, be careful in all spheres, no financial harms, but benefit demands hard work. If you are going for changes in profession then be careful nobody will help you out. In not necessary avoid long trips during last days of month and be careful for belongings while travelling, don’t lend money, disputes and conflicts possible, keep dietary control and health would be moderate.

Job holder will find this time good, develop good relation with friends and colleagues, don’t be careless or you will have to pay dearly, avoid stress and lesser chances of success in specific jobs.

Youths will find this month good, effort will make all success don’t be careless,  be secretive in most issues. Students will lack interest in studies. Students pay attention to your studies for success. You need to concentrate on studies.

Following Dates are:

4, 8, 14, 19th February is auspicious for success.

1, 11, 21st  February  needs to be cautious and alert.

 Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month offer Ardhyam to Lord Sun and give wheat to lepers.
  • Daily have jaggery and drink water before leaving for work.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Leo / Sinh Rashi:

For Leo sign persons February month is fabulous, Saturn and Rahu in third house will shower auspices to profession and income sources will grow and struck money will be recovered, enemies will get defeated, honour and prestige, income sources will grow, good finances, domestic problems will be a little disturbing at home front, be alert, let not this situation harm you, be supportive towards kids, this month you need to be careful towards- constipation, gastric, skin disease, jaundice etc, avoid quacks. 

Promotions in jobs, desired transfers and favourable time for job holders. Boss would be happy with you and marital bliss.  

Youth will find this time good for jobs and business take advantage of favourable time, peace at home and marriages etc will find success. Students will find this time good for success in studies  

Following Dates are:

1, 9, 12, 18, 28th February is auspicious for success.

3, 4,13,14,24,26th   February needs to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month daily chant Om Gram Grim Grom Saha Vrihaspati Namaha”.
  • Keep milk or water while leaving offer work.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Virgo / Kanya Rashi:

For Virgo sign persons February month is with moderate results but not with very good results, your problems will remain as it was earlier, be patient, and keep trying take care of health, avoid accidents, this month’s mid onwards will bring some respite, whole month is not inauspicious, try to keep yourself safe from malaria and dengue, high expenses so avoid debts etc. Stay away from conflicts and disputes, in spite of all problems you will have streamlined income, family support and problems solved

Job holders will find this month moderate but needs to me alert, family cooperation would be less, take care for health, be alert in partnerships, not a good time for marriages and other auspices, time would be good after 20th February so be patient and have courage.

Youth will find this month with hardships to achieve success, be careful will lack support from family and friends, female friend might lead to problems and conflicts. Be alert from selfish friends, 20thFebruary onwards desired results, pending jobs completed troubles sorted and peers help and support.

Students will gain success only with very hard work, in studies; carelessness will cost dearly, shortage of means and financial strain.

Following Dates are:

1, 8, 9, 19,21, 27th  February  is  auspicious for success.

4, 6, 7, 17,25, 26th  February  needs to be cautious and alert.

 Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month chant three rosaries of Vishnu Gayatri Mantra daily.
  • Take milk in wooden pot and bury in some lonely place.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Libra / Tula Rashi:


For Librans February comes up with normal results, growth in profession, financially sound, but not good in medical and health issues, business will need efforts to gain success this month will keep you quite busy,  so avoid travelling, many chances to travel up to mid of this month and but be very careful while travelling, less profits and bigger losses. Lack of desired situation will lead to mental stress children will cause problems take care of your health and drive cautiously accidents might occur.    

Persons in job will find this month normal, but career related problems will bother, minimal income, and be soft and careful in family relationships.

This month is not indicating with good results in studies, health and other problems.

Following Dates are:

5,10,16,20, and 21st February is auspicious for success.

3, 4, 17, 19, 32 and 24th February needs to be cautious and alert. 

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month   after daily rituals light ghee deepak at Puja place and chant Shree Durga Kawacham.
  • Daily give green fodder to cattle.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Scorpio / Vrishchik Rashi:


For Scorpio sign people February comes up with favours and auspices, hurdles, problems and mental stress resolved, new plans and growth in business with profits, profession under your control, finances strong, struck money relieved, freedom from unnecessary expenses, family conditions favourable. Health would be fine this month, small seasonal ailments might bother you, desired professional trips and success with profits, opportunities to make important works done with marital bliss, marriage related all things well settled, but 17th February onwards you need to take care of life partner’s feelings. Be careful in family relationships.

For job holders this month is good, all round success, all career problems resolved, and pending issues cleared.

Youth will find this month laden with success all career related problems will prove favourable, pending jobs solved.

This month is good for students, success in all study related matters.

Following Dates are:

 3,4,7, 16,17, 19,24th  February is auspicious for success.

2, 10,12,20, 21, 28th  February needs to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Daily offer Ardhyam to lord Sun and chant the mantra –“Om Bum Buddhaya Namaha”.
  • On Tuesdays offer raw milk to young girls.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi:


For Sagittarius sign people month of February brings gradual growth in problems in professional spheres, you need to be utmost alert, do not start new ventures and new changes. Maintain status quo. Control expenses, since unnecessary expenses will grow, problems at domestic front, moderate health, vehicle accidents, be alert from enemies, they might harm you, health related problems, take care of food and rest, and avoid long trips if possible.       

Job holders will find many problems and hurdles in the beginning of this month, monetary problems and adverse transfer placements, financial transaction issues might get struck, honour and prestige issues, be careful this month. 

Youths will find this month laden with auspices, in spite of hard works desired success would be a far cry. Moderate health.

Students will find this period with moderate results, focus on studies, hard work will bring success, obey your parents.

Following Dates are:

1,5,8,9, and 23rd February is auspicious for success.

4,13,14,21st  February need to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month keep your promises.
  • Offer last ritual to unclaimed bodies.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Capricorn / Makar Rashi:


This whole month will give success after hard work and good efforts, try to be alert in professional issues, don’t make new changes, maintain status quo, don’t plans for future since very high expenses will bother you. Mental stress will lead to moderate health, lack of marital comfort and bliss. Disputes will engulf you, and will hamper peace chances for abroad trips but try to avoid long trips, take decisions carefully with wisdom, financial problems will grow.      

Adverse time for job holders no respite from adversaries, officers will hardly cooperate and might have to handle additional charges, transfers and associated mental stress. Try to have good environment at work place.    

Youth will have disappointments, tough success, lack of cooperation, be patient. Financial problems and associated hurdles don’t make job changes this month, since you will hardly find desired work place and environment. And don’t go for marriage related issues.

Students need to focus and work very hard on studies . success is meagre hence very hard work is needed.

Following Dates are:

4, 8, 9, 17,21, 23, and 28th  February is auspicious for success.

5, 7,15,24, and 26th  February need to be cautious and alert. 

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • This month offer oil Abhishekam and Charan Sparsh to Lord Shani.      And don’t cheat others.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Aquarius / Kumbh Rashi:


This month will bring start of this month auspicious with pending jobs cleared, resolving of professional and domestic problems, good rests of efforts will start emerging, marital bliss, comfort, money and loss of expenses,  spoilt works will start getting streamlined, desired changes, comfort and luxury, recreation, religious inclination, but over confidence in the last days of this month will lead to domestic tensions and investment in disputed properties will led to big losses.

Job holders will find this time with bounties of success and gains, officer’s cooperation, promotions, honesty will get paid, and desired additional charges are foreseen.

Youth will have desired success, long awaited expectations fulfilled, desired career, marital problems solved and auspicious time for starting new ventures.

Students need to focus on studies and work hard and be very careful. Go for serious studies and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Following Dates are:

2,6,10,15,24,and 26th  February  is auspicious for success.

4, 17,19 and 23rd  February need to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Make 108 balls from black gram flour and feed fishes daily.


Monthly Rashiphal Prediction for Aquarius / Kumbh Rashi:


For Pisces sign people start of this month  February brings inauspicious results hence your profession and   job need special attention, moderate health, vehicle accidents, are possible so be alert don’t start new venture during this time and avoid disputes.  

Situations will start improving from 15th February onwards recreation and professional expansion, religious inclination, all government jobs done, time spent with friends and family, success from all efforts honour and prestige, but take care of family relations.

Be careful from 6th to 15th February, stay away from unnecessary comments, don’t go for anti government works, work hard for success, this time needs to be cautious. But all problems resolved after 15th February.

Youth will face financial problems up to 15th February which might lead to frustrations, don’t go for long trips, should, time not good for marriages and engagements so try to postpone them. 15thFebruary onwards your all your desired works will get completed.

Students will find this month auspicious but focus on studies and work hard.

Following Dates are:

3,4,13,14, and 21st February  is auspicious for success.

1, 5, 8, 9, 23rd   February  need to be cautious and alert.

Profession, Career and Family related remedies:

  • Offer Ardhyam to Lord Sun and put on Saffron tilakam.
  • Daily touch parents feet and seek blessings.


* Please note that prediction are purely based on astrological calculations. Reader is responsible for reading and using it for self.

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Shani Sadhe Satti dhaiya

Posted by Shanidham - January 31st, 2014

The Sadhe Satti

The Planet Saturn (Shani) takes on an average a little over 29 months to traverse through each constellation or sign or Rashi of the zodiac. This can be rounded up to 2.5 years per sign or 30 years for one revolution around the zodiac. Saturn is the outermost planet that describes more than one revolution around the zodiac during the lifetime of most human beings.

When Saturn arrives in the sign in 12th from the birth moon, the moon sign itself and the sign next to the moon sign, takes about 7.5 years and the term for 7.5 in is ‘SadheSatti Period’. This phase of 7.5 years repeats again in about 30 years and so, many individuals may experience 2 to 3 such periods during their lifetime.

To give an example of the periods described above, if we assume that one was born in the Aries moon sign in the birth chart. when Saturn transits the signs of Pisces, Aries and Taurus, the individual will experience sadhesati .

Hence the SadheSatti affects the people of three signs, at a time. In the first phase of it, when Shani transits over the sign prior to the natal moon sign, its effect is said to have over the head. After two & a half years when Shani transits over the natal moon, it is the second phase of SadheSatti. Its position and affective area is the heart.

Further after two & half years when Shani transits over the next sign from the natal moon, it affects the feet of the native. Thus, for various signs, Shani’s SadheSatti is calculated. It gives both types of results, the good and the bad.

Sometime, the whole period of SadheSatti gives adverse affects through problems and troubles. However, to a very few people, SadheSatti gives benefic effects throughout its whole period. It makes them happy, perspicuous and an honourable person. Performing remedial measures during the SadheSatti period of Shani, it inclines to the benefic results and declines the malefic ones.

The following remedial measure can be made to cut down the malefic results of the SadheSati of the Shani : –

Put eight kilograms of mustard oil in an iron pot and look your face into it. Now, take this oil in Shani temple and offer the oil at Shani idol while wearing wet red Lungi. It is an appropriate manner of ‘Telabhishek’ (bathing Shani idol with oil).

The Dhaiya

When Shani transiting over the Fourth and the Eighth house from the Natal Moon, it is called the Fourth & the Eighth Dhaiya respectively.

Shani takes complete 30 years to take a round of the zodiac. Thus, it remains for two and a half years over each sign. When Shani transits over the fourth or the eighth house from natal moon, it is called ‘Dhaiya’. These two periods of ‘Dhaiya’ leave the good and the bad effects over the native. Every body has to pass through this period. Those having malefic effects of Shani, should perform remedial measures, without fail. In the ‘Dhaiya’ of Shani, its impact on our life increases and the malefic position causes to increase malefic effects. The benefic effects of moon are turned down and are gone useless. Thus, the native gets surrounded by the problems and the troubles.

Perform the following remedial measures to nullify the adverse (malefic) effects during the period of Dhaiya: –

Write “Tainteesa Yantra (device)” over a white cloth with collyrium or black ink and put a dry coconut fruit over it and wrap this cloth like a parcel. Circumambulate this parcel over the head of the native seven times and throw it into the flowing water. Such a remedial measure be done on continuous three ‘Shani Amavasya’. It would help to nullify Shani related problems.
Whosoever is affected by the ‘Dhaiya’, he himself should enchant the below mentioned Tantric-Mantra of Shani, to obtain the grace of Lord Shani –

Om Pram,Preem,Prom,
Se,Shanishcharaya Nameh

How to Enchant : 21 series of this Mantra be enchanted. Enchant them for continuous 40 days. Don’t break the chain while doing so. It should not be stopped in between. Enchant the Mantra sitting on the same place every day. Observe celibacy and take pure and vegetarian food only. Keep fasting on Saturday and donate oil, urad, gram etc.

Arrange a feast for mendicants in Shani temple for eight Saturdays, if possible. Offer vermillion to Hanuman ji every tuesday.
Arrange enchantment of “Mahamrityunja Japa”.
A part of your food should be offered to a crow.

December Rashiphal for Taurus

Posted by Shanidham - December 12th, 2013

People with this sign will find this month normal, good from financial point but health would not be good this month, hard work and extra effort will fetch benefits from business. This month will keep you on heel with harassment and trips. So travel only if necessary. Till the mid of month frequent travelling opportunities but look before you leap since losses are frequent, delay in marriages of marriages etc.  Desired situation is a far cry hence mental stress, children will cause worries, keep control of your own health, drive cautiously since accidents might be a possibility.  .

Job holders will find this month moderate, moderate health, youth will find this month with normal results, all your jobs will yield little benefits from huge efforts but don’t give up to frustration..

Youth will find this month with mixed results, career related problems will get sorted and your needs and liabilities will be met with. Family relations might cause problems, be careful.

Students will not find this month good with obstacles in education heath issues and other problems might arise.. 

Remedies for Profession, Career and Domestic problems:

  1. This month daily offer  seven recitals of Shree Durga Kavacham befor Mother’s idol after lighting ghee deepak ”.
  2. Give green fodder to cows with your own hands.

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December Rashiphal for Aries

Posted by Shanidham - December 12th, 2013

This month comes with auspicious and favourable results, with all round success, relief from unnecessary obstacles, and mental stress, plans for new ventures, growth and profits from business. Profession totally under your control with strong finances, recovery of struck money, relief from unnecessary expenses with strengthening of all domestic and family situation.

 This month is good from health point of view. Apart from seasonal ailments all is fine. Desired business trips seems possible with profits and success. Go for all important jobs, marital bliss, marriage and engagement related issues will succeed. From 17th December onwards take care of your life partners’ wishes and views, take care of family relations and be cautious in these issues.

Persons in jobs will find this month good and auspicious, you will delve in comfort, make and develop congenial relationships, all career related problems resolved and means of income at your hands.

Youths will find this month laden with success, you will find all round success in job, profession, education etc. All changes made in career will prove favourable. All pending issues solved.

Students will find this month auspicious, success in studies.

Remedies for Profession, Career and Domestic problems:

1. This month daily offer Jalam to Lord Sun and chantthree rosaries of  the mantra –“Om Boum Buddhaya Namaha ” while sitting in its vicinity.

2.  Offer  raw milk to young girls on Tuesdays..

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Panchang for December

Posted by Shanidham - December 12th, 2013

सन् 2013 दिसम्बर महीने के व्रत एवं त्यौहार

सोमवती मार्ग.अमावस       2 दिसम्बर सोमवार

स्कन्द (गुह) षष्ठी             8 दिसम्बर रविवार

मित्र (विष्णु) सप्तमी          9 दिसम्बर सोमवार

मोक्षदा एकादशी व्रत        13 दिसम्बर शुक्रवार

श्रीगीता जयन्ती              13 दिसम्बर शुक्रवार

पिशाचमोचन श्राद्ध          15 दिसम्बर रविवार

श्री दत्तात्रेय जयन्ती          16 दिसम्बर सोमवार

सायन उत्तरायण प्रा.         21 दिसम्बर शनिवार

क्रिसमिस डे (क्रिश्चियन)      25 दिसम्बर बुधवार

20th November 2013 Daati Gurumantra by Mahamandleshwar Paramhans Daati Maharaj

Posted by Shanidham - November 19th, 2013

Rashi – Zodiacal Signs in Hindu Astrology

Posted by Shanidham - October 4th, 2013

In the Maharishi Jyotish program, the whole universe is seen in the form of a person. The body of the universe consists of the 12 Rashis, which can be roughly translated as “astrological signs.” Each Rashi represents a part of the body.

The Nirayana, or sidereal zodiac, is an imaginary belt of 360 degrees, which, like the Sāyana, or tropical zodiac, is divided into 12 equal parts. Each twelfth part (of 30 degrees) is called a sign or Rashi. There are total of 12 Rashis in Jyotish:

Number Sanskrit Western name Tattva (Element) Quality Ruling Planet
1 मेष Aries Tejas (Fire) Cara (Movable) Mars
2 वृषभ Taurus Prithivi (Earth) Sthira (Fixed) Venus
3 मिथुन Gemini Vayu (Air) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury
4 कर्कट Cancer Jala (Water) Cara (Movable) Moon
5 सिंह Leo Tejas (Fire) Sthira (Fixed) Sun
6 कन्या Virgo Prithivi (Earth) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury
7 तुला Libra Vayu (Air) Cara (Movable) Venus
8 वृश्चिक Scorpio Jala (Water) Sthira (Fixed) Mars
9 धनुष Sagittarius Tejas (Fire) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Jupiter
10 मकर Capricorn Prithivi (Earth) Cara (Movable) Saturn
11 कुम्भ Aquarius Vayu (Air) Sthira (Fixed) Saturn
12 मीन Pisces Jala (Water) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Jupiter

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Kaal sarp yog

Posted by Shanidham - October 1st, 2013

When all the planets come between the axis of Rahu and Ketu, the knower’s of astrological science very easily come to understand that the said native us suffering various troubles due to Kaalsarp Yog. Remember all the natives suffering Kaalsarp Yog are not equally affected. The disposition of the planets and the signs in various i.e. the twelve houses and the strength of the houses and the planets and many other such points leave unfailing effect on the native. So, one need not be afraid of hearing of Kaalsarp Yog. On the other hand, natives need to get the proper knowledge of it through having it analysed by a learned good Astrologer. When he becomes aware of the factual astrological analysis, he must make the remedial measures thereof without any delay.

Mentioned below are few such Astrological combination that trouble the native very strongly and he suffers in different ways:

  • When Rahu and Moon are conjunct in Lagna in the natal horoscope, the native is always troubled by his misconception. He always feels as if somebody can give him losses in different ways or otherwise he is always depressed, stressed and mentally unrest.
  • When Lagna is Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or the Sagittarius sign and Mars & Jupiter are conjunct in Lagna, whereas Rahu is placed in the fifth house conjunct with Mars and Mercury or the fifth Rahu is aspected by the planet Mars or ercury or Rahu is in the fifth house without any conjunction, then the son of the native suffers unavoidable troubles or the native himself is dragged in a criminal case or undergoes heavy pains.
  • When in Kaalsarp Yog Rahu is conjunct with Venus also, the native is having child trouble i.e. not having children, his children trouble him, or his children face troubles. When Lagna and the Lagna lord both are afflicted besides having Kaalsarp Yog the native remains physically unfit as also mentally disturbed.
  • When no any planet exists in the preceding and the succeeding house of the natal Moon besides having Kaalsarp Yog or no planet exists in kendras from Lagna or the natal Moon, the native is mainly having financial crisis i.e. his financial state is very miserable.
  • When Jupiter is conjunct with Rahu the native has to face misfortune in many ways.
  • When either of the luminaries i.e. the Sun or the Moon is conjunct with Rahu the native suffers unfavourable situations. He is physically unfit and suffers financial problems.
  • When Rahu is conjunct with Shani or ‘Naandi Yog’ is present in the horoscope the native has to face adverse effects over his health and children. His suffer hurdles in job or profession.
  • When Rahu is conjunct with the planet Mercury or say ‘Jaddatar Yog’ is present in the horoscope, it increases his economical & social problems. It affects his financial status adversely.
  • When eighth Rahu is aspect by either of the malefic planet i.e. Sun, Mars or Shani, it gives delay in marriage.
  • When Shani is posted in the fourth house and Rahu in twelfth house of the natal horoscope, the native is a big fraud and cunning person. He can get into big trouble due to such nature.
  • When Moon and Rahu are conjunct in Lagna and either Mars or Shani is posted in the fifth, ninth or the twelfth house of the natal horoscope, the native does not enjoy mental health or we can say he is mentally upset. He has to be troubled by ‘Pret-Pishach’ hurdle.
  • When ‘Navmansha’ lord of the tenth house is conjunct with the Mars, Rahu, or Shani, the native is prone to fire threat. He must be warned against it.
  • When Navamansha lord of the tenth lord is conjunct with Rahu or Ketu the native has to undergo death like pains.
  • When Rahu and Mars are placed sixth-eighth to each other or Rahu is aspected by the planet Mars, the situation of the native worsens.
  • When Lagna sign is Aries, Taurus or Cancer and Rahu is placed in the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, eleventh or the twelfth house the native enjoys the comforts of woman, children, health, wealth and property all at a time.
  • When Rahu is posted in the sixth house and Jupiter in Lagna Jupiter in Lagna or the quadrant, the native lives a happy and prosperous life.
  • When Moon and Rahu together lie in quadrants (1,4,7,10 th houses) or trines (5/9 house), the native enjoys all comforts and prosperity.
  • When Venus is placed in the second or the twelfth house, the native attains favourable results. When Sun and Mercury are conjunct together and Mercury is not combust, the native attains favourable results.
  • When Lagna and the Lagna lord, the Sun and the Moon all four are strong or strongly placed in the natal horoscope i.e. in an auspicious house as also aspected by the auspicious planets the adverse effects or the unfavourable results of Kaalsarp Yog are nullified.
  • When Mars is strongly placed in the tenth house and is not aspected by the lord of any malefic house or by any malefic planet, the unfavourable effects of Kaalsarp Yog are not attained.
  • When Venus is placed in ‘Malavaya Yog’ i.e. the planet Venus lies in either of the four quadrants in its exalted or own sign and is not conjunct with or aspected by an inauspicious planet the adverse effects of kaal sarp are not attained or it gives only average malefic results.
  • When planet Saturn is in ‘Shash’ Yog i.e. Shani is placed in either quadrants in its exalted or his own sign without having the aspect or conjunction of any malefic planet or the lord of inauspicious house, the unfavourable results of the Kaalsarp Yog are not visible. It reduces down the adverse results of Kaalsarp Yog.
  • When Moon-Mars conjunction exists in quadrants in own sign or their exaltation signs and this conjunction is neither aspected by or conjunct with any malefic planet, then all the troubles caused by Kaalsarp Yog are turned down.
  • When Rahu is placed in non-visible houses i.e. first to sixth and other planets are in visible houses i.e. the remaining six houses then this Kaalsarp Yog is said to be prosperity giving.
  • When Rahu is placed in the sixth house and Jupiter is in Lagna or the tenth house, the native enjoys wealthy position in life. He is not having any financial problems.

All the above combinationshave been discussed with a view to make a common person to understand the unfavourable/adverse effects of Kaalsarp Yog. In fact, Kaalsarp Yog does not necessarily grants unfavourable results to all the natives. Any decision (final prediction) can be made only after having analysed the position, aspect and the conjunction of various planets and the constellations in the twelve houses and the signs.

Many natives having Kaalsarp Yog have reached to the heights of name and fame, despite having passed through various troubles and hurdles. Among them all Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru- the first prime minister of Independent India can be highlighted. Late Shri Morarji Desai ex prime minister as also Late Shri Chandra Shekhar singh are also among one of them. All the above three have reached to the post of prime minister in spite of having ‘Kaalsarp Yog’ present in their natal horoscope.

The facts of the Vedic Astrology, like that of the philosophy are related not only to the aspects of this world, the spirits and the god as also to the volume, temperature etc. of the related objects of the modern science but also talks of the objects & the Subjects beyond them.

It is simply an astrological analysis. I once again wish to remind you people that all the malefic and the benefice results attained by us are the results of our own misdeeds and the good deeds of our own. So, do not blame the planets for the same rather improve upon your Karmas (Present Actions). I hereby place a trinity formula, which may be adopted by each human being. It is an unfailing one and grants instant results too.

Major Clarification of Kaalsarp Yog

Primarily Kaalsarp Yog has been classified in twelve ways. All such classifications have been discussed through illustration here under:

  • Anant Kaalsarp Yog
  • Kulik Kaalsarp Yog
  • Vaasuki Kaalsarp Yog
  • Shankhpal Kaalsarp Yog
  • Padma Kaalsarp Yog
  • Mahapadma Kaalsarp Yog
  • Takshak Kaalsarp Yog
  • Karkotak Kaalsarp Yog
  • Shankhchud Kaalsarp Yog
  • Ghaatak Kaalsarp Yog
  • Vishdhar Kaalsarp Yog
  • Sheshnag Kaalsarp Yog


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Posted by Shanidham - September 3rd, 2013

Since the last two decades a of recognizing of any object, subject and the theories over the materialistic modern science through which in continuation to the baseless orthodox, it has also put certain most important subjects of the human life to be accounted in the area of suspense.
Those who have addressed it as a new light of Science, they started a new method for the estimation and the evaluation of each object & the Subject of this world. In the course of such an evaluation, the best possible efforts have ever been made to prove Astrology as the most abandoned and the ignored Subject.This the reason why the people running into the blind race of calling themselves as ultra-modern and fashionable people they have started calling the Vedic science as synonyms of foolishness and the orthodox.
However, it is a fact that Vedic Astrology is the most ancient one. Even the history approves of it that there had been no such time when was not in Existence. It is also verified based on the modern science since the bones of the two-five thousand years BC have been discovered in excavation wherever the symbols of the planets sun, moon etc have been found.
It is a matter of great joy that with the evolution of the modern science, the long back conceptions are automatically been replaced by the new conceptions. Consequently, huge groups of the scientists are in favour of regarding the Astrology as a science.
In fact, Astrology is not only a science but it is a Super Science. It is a science, which is called an eye to Vedas. Recognising it as an eye to Vedas and considering it to be the Supreme one, the ancient sages have put it on the highest stand among the knowledge of science, religion and the spirituality through highlighting its importance. In ‘Rigveda’s’, the placement and at about the position of the planets & the constellation have been mentioned. In this regard ‘Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak’ had expressed his feeling that our ‘Vedas’ or say our ‘classics’ are definitely far more ancient than ninety five thousand years ago.

Really, Astrology is not a newly invented science that needs to be evolved. It is the most ancient science, which has reached to the highest peak of evolution. It is the irony of the fate that this science has been ruined and its chains have shattered hither & thither. Whatever links & chains were left shattered around, based on it at which a background of the Astrology was formed. The calculations made with the help of their mathematical formulae are established entirely correct even today. Whatever predictions are made depending upon the Astrology mathematical formulae, they are astonishingly coming true.

In fact the ancient sages have called Astrology to be an eye to Vedas not merely for the sake of a slimily, but it is truly a luminous light, in the, light, of which the information of the objects and the facts is known with entire clarify. The Vedas are said to have its six parts, likewise the six stages have been declared in Indian philosophy.

The last step of or the final target (to be achieved) in our Indian philosophy is the state of ‘oneness’ i.e. ‘to unite with’ the supreme power which is said to be the state of self-realization in Vedic philosophy. Such a state is be self-experienced and cannot be realised through expressing explaining by someone else. Despite this, stepping up the various stages of Inner knowledge of the self very minutely, whatever information and knowledge could the ancient Indian sages gain, all the disciple of the world were originated from the same knowledge. In the light of the self-realization whatever precious pearls of wisdom could the ancient sages gain they blessed their devotee with those pearls in order to benediction of the common man inspired quite naturally and this wisdom continued pass over generation to generation.
The Vedic Astrological discipline was originated in the light of the self-conscience of the ancient sages. They prospected clearly that the entire Universe is pervasive in the innermost cells of your body.

Yat pinde Tat Brahmande

Making such a declaration to reach the height of wisdom they have blessed us with, such a basic technique that the knowledge of every petty objects & the subjects of the world can be gained from within ourselves.
The above-mentioned declaration of the ancient Indian sages is obvious. They say the diameter of this centre is the millionth part of the millionth part of an inch. The substance of the life of the atom exists within this centre. Various most subtle Electrons, keep on revolving around the Neutrons. Patrons on this focal point. In such a course of action, these Electrons keep on initialising to the activities of the Universe.
Thus, the unity as if unlimited atoms are called cells in medical science and our body is the aggregate form of these cells. These cells, according to the ‘Law of Affinity’, are united and make tissues in the body, which are joined together and build our body. They are together making our body. In this way, our body and the limbs of this body resemble to the activities of the solar system. So, this rule is automatically understood that our body, which is, made of these cells, works according to the activities of the solar system.
Pointing out to these, matters out sages have called this Universe as a completely circulatory creation of the God wherein that supreme power is equally extended in every object & the subject of this Universe. They have bowed and submitted at the Lotus feet of ‘Sadguru’, the great man of the one following the traditional Guruchain.

AkhandMandlaKaran Vyapatamave Tadpadam

darchitamave Tasmaiyee Shree Guruve nameh

As per Vedic Astrology, man is equipped with the special qualities and powers of the planets and the constellation, under the special combinations of the planets & constellation he is born i.e. the planetary position aspects & the conjunction at his natal horoscope. He is empowered with the special power & quality of the specific constellation and the planets since their rays are diffused in the entire lifetime. The country wise correction made over the longitude and the latitude of the planets shows that a native born at a certain place at a certain point of time differs in his nature & personality to the person born at a different place at the planets the same point of time are differently diffused at different places. So two persons born at the same point of time at two different places with different longitude & latitude certainly differ in their nature, form & figure the personality and the different physique & strength.

The effects of the rays diffused from the planets & the constellation affect not only the human beings but to all livings equally. The horary part of the Vedic Astrology is simply based on the basis of this secret that the benefice & the malefic as also the dual rays of the transiting planets & the constellations diffusing over the earth do not leave their impact equally all the times. Due to the peculiarity of the speed, of the different planets, at a particular point of time, the planetary combination is the most suitable for a certain job or, work. Therefore, it’s called the auspicious Mahurata.

Hence, the tendency of searching for a special Mahurata, for various job & works like marriage, service, education, house building etc is not a mere blind faith or orthodox. Rather it’s really quite scientific and secretive it’s something different that a Astrologer making such a calculation to find out an auspicious ‘Mahurata’ can commit a mistake in calculations and the results are not favourable. However, we cannot call the Astrological principles to be faulty or unauthenticated for such a mistake committed by a careless Astrologer. The natal horoscopes expresses to the character & the nature and to the personality of a native. For example a horoscope reflects that due to mutual relation between the planet Rahu & the Mars, the native will become a criminal, it never means that it is his his fortune to become a criminal.

It simply means that the native has a tendency of committing the crime but his tendencies can be cautioned by departing him with proper guidance and education. It can be obligatory only under such a situation when his forthcoming dash periods and the transiting position also verify to the same occurrence. Under such a situation, the Astrological prediction means to say that a native with his criminal environment, doing the times to come.

In the same way, let us suppose that in a particular year, a particular person the symptoms of suffering from the perplexity of strong emotions. In case one comes to know that he can face such emotional problem in the near future, he can definitely remedial measures to remove such malefic effects of the planets have been mentioned. All this facts prove that a man can make efforts to keep up a balance between ordaining the unseen results and it is experiencing them. So trusting in Astrology or believing in the ‘Mimansa school of philosophy’ makes them a ‘fatalist’, it is an unwise hypothesis.

The deepest secret of the Vedic Astrology is that this science analysis the all time truth and the reality of life. Each & every science appraises to a single part of the human life but the Astrological science and ascertains analysis to all such facts & the realities of this world & the other world (i.e. the physical & the spiritual life) of a man, that are required to be exhibited.

The facts of the Vedic Astrology, like that of the philosophy are related not only to the aspects of this world, the spirits and the god as also to the volume, temperature etc. of the related objects of the modern science but also talks of the objects & the Subjects beyond them.

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